I believe in the restorative magic of a strong cup of tea, the power of cute animal videos to lift the spirits, and transparency in business. In the interests of the latter, read further to discover exactly what contracting for my services will, and will not, buy for you.
— Kimberley R. Barker


The Will's

  • I will answer all of your questions with patience and without judgment.
  • I will work diligently to match you with the most appropriate social networking platforms for your discipline and interests.
  • I will not discuss you or your business with other clients.
  • I will give you my honest opinion.

The Wont's

  • I will not assist you in erasing criminal or unethical content from the Internet.
  • I will not provide content for you. This means that I will neither search for, nor create, material for you to share; e.g., I will not send tweets for you; I will not update your LinkedIn profile; I will not write blog posts for you.
  • I will not discuss other clients with you.